Here I am in my early luthier days, just becoming famous enough to have Mechanix Illustrated do an article (wish I still had the shirt).  Look at that cool effect on top of my amp! They called it "Tobor-sound" and it removed distortion by chewing up the input cable.

Well, maybe this is really me down here, at least the angle is better...funny, what the camera does to people. Wow, nice bracelet but bad wedding ring...brings back memories I forgot, Yogi.  What's with that ruler? Maybe I was getting in too deep and over my head.

I recommend Quaker Oil for you guitar lube needs, especially for the fretboard. Way better than Fingerease.

That's my first car which got me in some trouble sticking up drive-ins. I'd just point the fins and say "reach for the sky" and grab their hamburgers before they hit the pavement.

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