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Imagine a guitar which offers unsurpassed acoustical and ergonomic performance, a guitar with greater sustain, a faster attack and a broad dynamic range.

This describes a Clearport guitar and the enhancement to every aspect of playing provided by the Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports. This important patented invention, now used for the first time on a traditional acoustic steel string guitar, has already astounded players using the Nova Futura classical guitar. Ported guitars enable both players and listeners to benefit by hearing the surplus energy which is unnecessarily trapped inside. This excess energy, when liberated, provides a significant improvement to the guitar's efficiency.

The diagonally-oriented Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports are the most effective and innovative ported design. The three-dimensional shape not only boosts the acoustical performance but also acts like a cut-away so the player can reach the higher notes with greater ease. The ports smoothly project the sound forward to the listener but also act like a monitor for the player.

Strum the Clearport and cup your hand near the port; it is astounding to feel the liberated energy pulses which are easily felt striking your hand. This is sound which is otherwise wasted and left behind inside any guitar without these unique sound ports. The Clearport takes this energy and redistributes it. The effect is truly amazing from every point of view.

Bruce Richards and the Clearport "Summit" R/S.

A close-up of Milo Kosich's hands shows the easy access to frets over the body.

Clearport Guitar Features

-Three traditional sizes:

       -Summit (dreadnought),

       -Hudson (triple 000/Auditorium)

       -Geneva (shorter fret scale and sized similar to classical guitar)

-All sizes made with rosewood and spruce (R/S) or mahogany and spruce (M/S) body tone woods.

-Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports for unsurpassed acoustical performance and playing ease.

-Nitrocellulose lacquer.  Gloss body and matte neck finish.

-Mahogany adjustable neck, one and 13/16" nut width.

-Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlay position markers.

-Special tapered parallax bridge design made from ebony.

-Rosewood head veneer with "Clearport" logo inlaid in mother-of-pearl.

-Grover diecast tuning machines.

-Made by master luthier Augustino LoPrinzi and his daughter Donna.

Clearport Guitars - Current Available models and prices


Clearport Summit R/S (rosewood and spruce)

Summit R/S  ($2799 w/case) - a full size dreadnought-shaped guitar bearing the "Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Port" which enhances tone and playing ease. This type of sound port has never before been used on the guitar. The invention was first applied in 1998 to the LoPrinzi Nova Futura Classical Guitar.  Now, for the first time, it is available on the steel string guitar.


Clearport Hudson M/S (mahogany and spruce)

Hudson M/S ($2499 w/case) - a triple 000 or  "Auditorium" shaped guitar, this model has mahogany back and sides, spruce top, ebony fretboard and bridge and a mahogany neck.  The Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports boost the acoustical performance of this smaller size guitar and also allow enhanced access to the frets over the guitar body. Smaller body guitars are easy to hold and offer tonal balance between the treble and bass; this particularly becomes apparent as the guitar's tone develops with age.    

Clearport Summit  M/S (mahogany and spruce)

Summit M/S ($2499 w/case). Solid mahogany back and sides, solid spruce top, dreadnought body, nitrocellulose lacquer finish (gloss body, matte neck), ebony fingerboard and bridge, black trim, mahogany adjustable neck, Grover tuners, pearl dot inlay, rosewood head veneer with "Clearport" pearl inlay.  Mahogany gives a brighter, more transparent tone with a percussive attack on each note.  The Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports increase the response by releasing excess trapped energy. This gives the guitar a faster attack and more sustain but because the interference in converted into usable sound the tone is very clear and beautiful. Playing a Clearport guitar is a totally new and different experience with benefits for both the player and the audience.  


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