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Electric Guitars (updated 10/6/2008)

Much of the useful value of any guitar, especially an electric instrument, is in the set-up.  If you buy new or used from me it will play and perform correctly with perfect intonation and action.

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Guild Spirit (used) solid body electric guitar.  Guild's early '80s attempt to emulate Fender.  Lacquered maple bolt-on neck, master tone and two volume potentiometers, 3-position selector switch controls two DiMarzio pickups.  Lacquer on the back of the neck has been sanded off.  Comes with an oblong triangle Kramer guitar hard case.  $275   Photo:  Front     Back

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Harmony combo amp/guitar/microphone and stand.  This outfit would put you into the music business in the late 1930's or just after World War II.  The items match in design, especially the color scheme of the guitar case and amp cabinet covering.  The microphone is a dark red bakelite with an early form of the piezo diaphragm system called "Rochelle Salts." This outfit is not for sale (in for repair) but is shown for your interest and ooohs and aaahs.  Photo:  Harmony Outfit

Amps  and Speakers - New and Used

-Laney Pro Bass (England) head, excellent condition. 150 solid state watts do a great job driving any 4 ohm (minimum) bass cabinet. Head only price:  $279.  Photos:  Front     Rear

Danelectro 132 "Corporal" model vintage tube amp.   Not the mention the "look," two 6-inch speakers (one is the original Jensen) and three inputs for mics and instruments make this amp quite distinctive.  It is in excellent working condition and the cabinet, covering and graphics aren't too bad considering the age (probably late '50s).  This is a good amp for an acoustic musician searching for a warm and clear sound suitable for intimate playing venues or the collector who yearns for a genuine Danelectro original.   For good measure I'm even throwing in a few cobwebs. Price:  $350      Photos:  Front       Rear      Control Panel

Kustom 4 x 12" 200 watts capacity 4 ohm cabinet (new).  Heavy slate grey carpet covering with a heavy wire grill to protect the speakers.  Convenient handles are built flush into the side panels.  A really fine cabinet priced to sell:  $335.   Photo:   Kustom cabinet 

Miscellaneous Gear and Used Electronics

Digitech rack mount delay unit.  An oldie but goodie in "like new" condition.  Price:  $195 Photo:  Digitech

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