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Thurman Violin (China), full sized w/solid case and octagonal bow. Spruce top, flamed maple ribs and back, maple neck w/ebony fingerboard, brushed varnish finish, rosewood pegs and tailpiece. This fine violin, made especially for my store, is the top handmade model from the best production shop in China. All the work is created by hand by individual workers. Already the tone is balanced, full and very beautuful but this is also an instrument you can play for the rest of your life and marvel at the burgeoning sound. The heavy-duty wood suspension case is upgraded for extra strength and lifespan. Instruments from this shop are regularly sold under a very famous label in Germany.  Price: $799 Photos:  Outfit     Front    Rear    Back   Face    Head   Scroll Front      Scroll    Scroll2    Scroll3   Side view   label

-Justin W. Holcomb violin, Hudson, Ohio. 1898.  Holcomb died in 1925 at age 94, and a newpaper article from that time states that he made 35 instruments of high quality. His last instrument was made at age 86, in 1917 although he continued to play until just a few months before his death when he was injured in a fall. Read the full article here:  Holcomb Article

Of particular interest is the musical notation on the back beneath the varnish.  At this time theis beautifully made instrument is undergoing minor resoration and repair and is not for sale. This is an exceptional American instrument.  Photos:  Front    Side    Back    Scroll    Scroll (rear view)   Upper back   Mid-back    Lower back   Musical Fragment

-Amedee Dieudonne violin, Mirecourt France, 1929. This is a signed instrument, #537, with a deep red amber spirit varnish finish. The one-piece back has very deep flame on a slight bias to the mid-line of the instrument. The condition is excellent and sound is of a full, robust quality of the highest refinement. This is a strong, clear sounding instrument, suitable for a soloist. Casa del Sol appraisal valuation at $9000.  Price: $7995.      Photos:    Front          Back


- 15 1/2 " Meisel (new) made in Gerrmany for Meisel. Complete with case and bow. This is one notch below the top grade of Meisel student violas. Light orange/brown finish with all ebony appointments. Price: $1195.

-16" Jackson-Guldan viola, Columbus OH early 20th century. This production shop made decent but plain instruments, many of which survive today. This viola has a dark red finish and a rich sound. It has been lightly reconstructed to compensate for a period of neglect which left the belly finish blistered by heat. A couple of very minor cracks are repaired and the belly and back seams premptively reinforced. The bass C bout rib under the belly had to be slightly built up to avoid excessive clamping pressure. Older violas are hard to find so this is a small treasure. $1695.

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