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-Thurman Soundport Guitar (China), This new sunburst guitar features the patented Thurman Multidimensional Sound Port which dramatically improves the guitar's dynamic range. Not only is the guitar louder but the tone at normal playing levels is clearer and richer because the Thurman Sound Ports liberate trapped excess body energy while simultaneously lowering the distortion and inefficiency caused by these sound waves. The result is a guitar which is easy to play and easy to hear. Check out the diagonal orientation of the ports. The port closest to the player acts like a convenient monitor while the other port provides greater access to the upper notes over the body, much like a cutaway. If you place your hand near the ports and strum the guitar you can actually feel the energy pumping through the ports. Without the ports this energy is caught by the guitar's upper body corners and bounced back inside the guitar to conflict with other sound waves. They said it couldn't be done, that the guitar is perfect even though we have known since the 1960s that our beloved instrument operates at a measly 2% efficiency level. This fact lets us know that there is plenty of energy trapped in the guitar just waiting for a place to go. My patented soundports put that energy to work for the player and the listener in an unprecedented manner. You get a $600 guitar which sounds better than instruments costing many times more. The Thurman Soundport Guitar has unique capabilities which can only be accessed through this instrument. Includes a sturdy hardened foam case.  Call for pricing and deals. Photos:  front   rear     face    back     head    tuners     ports

-Thurman Violin (China), full sized w/solid case and octagonal bow. Spruce top, flamed maple ribs and back, maple neck w/ebony fingerboard, brushed varnish finish, rosewood pegs and tailpiece. This fine violin, made especially for my store, is the top handmade model from the best production shop in China. All the work is created by hand by individual workers. Already the tone is balanced, full and very beautuful but this is also an instrument you can play for the rest of your life and marvel at the burgeoning sound. The heavy-duty wood suspension case is upgraded for extra strength and lifespan. Instruments from this shop are regularly sold under a very famous label in Germany.  Price:  $799  Photos:  Outfit     Front    Rear    Back   Face    Head   Scroll Front      Scroll    Scroll2    Scroll3   Side view   label

-Laney Pro Bass (England) head, excellent condition. 150 solid state watts do a great job driving any 4 ohm (minimum) bass cabinet. Head only price:  $279.  Photos:  Front     Rear

-Casa Montalvo (Paracho, Mich, Mexico) , used, flamenco w/pegs and hard case.  Excellent condition, cedar top, cypress body, rosewood friction tuning pegs, cocobolo fingerboard and binding, lac. finish. A featherlight, beautifully made traditional flamenco guitar with rosewood tuning pegs for simplicity and light weight, this Mexican-made instrument also has an attractive handmade rosette. The tone and volume are surprisingly strong in consideration of the low and fast playing action. Price reduction: was $995, now $895     Photos:  Front    Rear   Face    Back   Pegs     Head     Rosette      Label    Bridge 

-LoPrinzi Nova Futura #2695 classical guitar (new) w/case. Spruce top, E.I. rswd body and bridge, mah nk, eb fb, 650 mm. scale, 52 mm. nut width, Gotoh premium tuners, oil varnish finish. The Nova Futura is handmade in Clearwater Florida by Augustino LoPrinzi and his daughter Donna LoPrinzi. This highly original and innovative instrument embodies the Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Port, an unprecedented patented musical invention which enhances ergonomic and acoustical aspects while preserving all the traditional elements of guitar design. All guitars are between 2 and 4% efficient which means that 96 to 98% of the player's energy is lost to the friction of the vibrating materials and the inability of the traditional design to move as much air as it should. The diagonal Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports liberate surplus trapped energy and free the instrument to excite more air efficiently. The benefits are manifold: more clarity, volume and sustain; lush, rich sound; even balance, rapid break-in, faster attack, easier fingering by plucking and fretting hands, greater access to fretting the upper notes over the body. To put is plainly, the Nova Futura is the most player-friendly design ever created. This is an instrument whose every aspect is cnceived to work in service to the musician and the listener. (Sold)   Photos:  Front   Rear    Face    Back   Side view   Label   Rosette  Sound Ports  Head   Tuners   Sound Ports and Neck    Sound Ports from Fingerboard view     Sound Ports and sides   Bridge and lower bouts


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