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A gathering of old instruments and the players they collected

Thurman Guitar & Violin Repair, Inc.
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My activities also support full warranty service for the Martin Guitar Company. Registered original owners of Martin guitars can have warranty work done here. I also specialize in repair and restoration of electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as banjos, mandolins and the violin family. If you want to maximize the look and playing action of your new, used or vintage guitar bring it to me. I have been in business fulltime at the same storefront location since 1974.  Whew!

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Kent, Ohio - Photos and a Brief Historical Description





Click the image below and watch a video of the Thurman Soundport guitar in action!

Click the above Photo to see an mpeg video of Blues and Ragtime expert Andy Cohen playing a Thurman Soundport guitar (29 mb download). This is the sample instrument from China. The first models are here in a natural finish and now red sunburst, including a nice case. My name is inlaid on the head and there is an internal label with the patent number. This is the greatest sounding guitar you can imagine. Call for pricing and deals.

Contact Roger Thurman if you would like to order a Thurman Soundport Guitar

Andy Cohen and Larkin Bryant have a web site at

...and here is David (Bassboy) Mayfield playing his guitar with "Thurman Multi-dimensional Soundports"



Check This!  Here is cellist Miles Richardson of the Akron Symphony Orchestra performing the first movement of Cassado's Suite for Solo Cello!  He is playing his new cello, the first Thurman Soundport Cello with Thurman Multi-dimensional Soundports for enchanced projection and tone.




...and click on this image to view an old Mechanix Illustrated article about guitar making (and Me!)

I can't say how long this link will work, but here is an interesting theory about wood growth and the sound of Stadivari violins:  Click Here

Very Cool link to young Chinese guitar phenom Li Jie playing Pagannini's 24th Caprice (originally for violin).

                                                                                         Click Here

And here she is playing Domeniconi's "Koyunbaba"


Fantastic Historic Video of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France Quartet


Clearport Guitars!

You've never played anything like the New Clearport steel string guitars with the "Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Port"

(Click on Image to go to Clearport Web Page)

Milo Kosich enjoys the Clearport "Hudson" model's sustain and tonal projection. "The Multi-dimensional Sound Ports provide the same reach as a cut-away."


of a Performance by Esteban at the Crooked River Festival in Cuyahoga Falls

Take a look at this vintage Yamaha Classic Guitar brochure from the mid-1960s.  It describes guitar models and prices along with shots of the Yamaha factory in Japan.  Click on the cover image to go to the Yamaha Brochure Web Page.

An update just posted for Classical Guitarists:  Five additional variations for right hand picking when playing the Villa-Lobos Étude no.1:  Variations

Halelujah! As if we didn't already know what science has now confirmed:  Musicians have more GRAY MATTER in key areas of the brain!

Thurman Guitar & Violin Repair, Inc.
900 Franklin Av.
Kent OH 44240
Toll Free: 888-803-8693
(Find directions and hours at bottom of this page.)

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Manouk Papazian, luthier (Aug. 18, 1914 to Oct. 21, 1999)

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Workbench Rhapsody - Here I foolishly rave about my antique workbenches.

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(Click on image and meet Star, Duke and Boy - Draft Ponies at work)

Barn of the Month Department

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Photo by Don DeVeto of a structure near Youngstown, Ohio.

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Wow!  Meet some of the Performers and Players using the LoPrinzi Nova Futura Classic Guitar

Read About the Nova Futura

with Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports!

Here is a violin modified to prove the acoustic principle of the "Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound port." The sonic improvement is amazing!

Check This!:  Performers and Players Using the Clearport Nova Futura Classic Guitar

About Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports

Along with my constant repair and sales work I occasionally build a guitar. Over the years I have developed a design principle which improves the tone and projection of the instrument. The generic name is the "Three Dimensional (3-D) Sound Hole." I also call it the "Thurman Multi-Dimensional Sound Port."

Actually, they come in pairs and are located on either side of the neck and extend out to the curve of the upper bout. They are "multi-dimensional" because each continuous port simultaneously exists in both the front and side panels of the guitar. These new symmetrical, bilateral sound ports allow the acoustical energy trapped in the upper bout to flow efficiently out and forward. The player's hand, reaching up the fingerboard for notes over the body, doesn't touch the edge of the instrument because that area is now open!

This design principle is protected by a patent (U.S. and Canada) and is reserved only for authorized manufacturers. I believe it is a major enhancement to the sound and playability of the purely acoustical instrument: be it steel string or classical, guitar or violin.

Click Here for more information about

"Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports."

Click Here to learn how to inspect your guitar neck for warpage. Also, a list of general low playing action settings for different types of guitars. (Translated into French on Jean-Phillipe Bourgeois' excellent jazz page:  Manche de la Guitare)

Click on the image see pictures and read articles about the late Cleveland guitar maker, Bela Gemza (1908 - 1987)

Intonation Problems? Click Here for Information and an Intonation Check Procedure

The Facts about your guitar and Humidity

Ever wonder about humidity and its effect on your instrument? Read this brilliant and important article explaining humidity by William C. Schreiner, mechanical engineer.

Roger Thurman has been in the luthier business at this location since 1974 buying, selling and repairing string instruments, mostly guitars and violins. Don't hesitate to call if you have an instrument for sale.  Click here to see a picture of me, practicing for my weekend coffee house gig.

Hey Kenny G Fans! Click here to read what Pat Matheny says.

The Kent, Ohio that developed Joe Walsh and Devo has so many guitar players they grow on trees!

FLASH!  Here is a very interesting survey article by Colin Gough about the acoustics of string instruments from an historical perspective: Science and the Stradivarius...

...and here is an equally fascinating web page about violin and  GUITAR ACOUSTICS brought to you by the University of New South Wales in Australia.  The co-authors are Joe Wolf, John Smith, JohnTann and Thomas Erndl.

My activities also support full warranty service for the Martin Guitar Company. Registered original owners of Martin guitars can have warranty work done here. 

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Now for some deep thoughts, stuff you never imagined, about why we should all play music: 


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Check out a 1960 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar, Click Here.

Have a look at this:

Harmony combo amp/guitar/microphone and stand.  This outfit would put you into the music business in the late 1930's or just after World War II.  The items match in design, especially the color scheme of the guitar case and amp cabinet covering.  The microphone is a dark red bakelite with an early form of the piezo diaphragm system called "Rochelle Salts." This outfit is not for sale (in for repair) but is shown for your interest and ooohs and aaahs.  Photo: Harmony Outfit

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Closed Sun. and Mon.
Since I am the sole proprietor, it is best to call my answering machine for time changes.

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Thurman Guitar & Violin Repair, Inc.
900 Franklin Av.
Kent OH 44240
Toll Free: 888-803-8693


From Cleveland: Take I-480 and 271 south. Continue on 480 (exit 21) and follow signs for Youngstown/Ravenna. Continue to Streetsboro (or Ohio Tpk I-80 Exit 42). At intersect. of 14 and 43 in Streetsboro, take 43 south four mi. into Kent. When 43 becomes one-way in Kent go three lights and turn left. Cross bridge over Cuyahoga River and make first right turn. (Kent Police Dept. - S. Water St.) After first light (Summit and South Water) go three more streets and turn right on West Oak St. Thurman Guitar located one block west at intersect of Oak and Franklin (brick building on south-west corner).

From Akron: Take I-76 east until the Kent/Hartville exit (rt. 43). Turn left and follow 43 north two miles into Kent. After Kent limits (43 becomes S. Water St.) watch for McDonald's restaurant on left. After McD's go three more streets and turn left on West Oak St. Thurman Guitar is one block to the west on the south-west corner of Oak and Franklin (red brick building, next intersection).

Park on Oak Street next to the building.

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900 Franklin Av.
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